Developing or refurbishing a pirate themed attraction?

MasterWerx Studios creates figures, props, and murals that are…

Cost Effective

We can work with your budget 


Our props are built to endure.


We stand behind our work.

One of a Kind

Our props are created by hand for each client.

For the cost of a common, precast prop we can provide a unique and highly detailed creation tailored to your needs. We can even incorporate your branding into the work by way of color schemes, product placements, logos, etc.

Because each piece is created specifically for you we can distribute the budget properly. Distant figures might be smaller and have less detail and therefore cost much less whereas a centerpiece like a highly detailed pirate captain might get a larger portion of the budget.

Your item will endure wherever it is located. We generally use boater’s resin and fiberglass matting to weatherproof and strengthen our figures—that’s the same stuff they use to build the hulls of boats, cars, and even body armor. Rest assured your prop or figure will function as good as it looks. And of course we backup our work.

Items that are to be kept indoors may need less fortification and that will usually bring the cost down as a result.

Your purchase as an investment in a relationship. We guarantee that our work will function as detailed in our agreement or it will be replaced or repaired.

We partner with you from the start to create unique, eye-popping props designed to draw customers in and encourage repeat business. Each prop is custom crafted to meet your design specifications.

We also offer discounts on future refurbishments or replacements of your purchase.

No two props are alike. Every piece is handmade per client and will be the most unique pirate themed prop available. We maintain a large stock of every article of clothing and accessory a pirate can wear.

Imagine a crew of skeletal pirates, each posed and dressed uniquely, all crewed by one highly detailed captain. You can’t create such an impressive display with precast items.